Molly's Posters

Healthy Foods

Molly encourages children to eat healthy foods and to get active by running and jumping. According to research, 1 in 4 children are obese by the time they go to primary school and by 5 years of age…

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Molly hopes to develop creative thinking and imagination with a little bit of day-dreaming to be something completely different.  

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A fun poster with witches, fairies and fancy dress. A time to eat candy apples, marshmallows and other tasty treats whilst watching fireworks with Mum, Dad and all the family.  

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Social Media

The Social Media poster is aimed from P4 – Year 8 and tries to warn children to be aware of who they are in contact with, on their computer or mobile device.  

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Children sometimes stare at things that look different and the reason they do is because they don’t understand why someone maybe sitting in a chair with wheels.  

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