According to research a child goes missing every 5 minutes in the UK.

So we need to help them understand the dangers more clearly.

Some experts believe that knowledge is recieved better through visual illustrations.

That is why Molly has hidden things in some of the posters for the children to find, which might then help them to remember the importance of the rhyme. 

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Molly's First Day At School

This is a super little poster which tries to explain that first day at school can be good fun and nothing to be worried about.

They may be nervous, frightened and a little unsure of where Mum or Dad is going and how soon they will be back.

Molly hopes to assure them that it will be good fun, with lots of new friends to make and exciting new things to learn.

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Healthy Foods

Molly encourages children to eat healthy foods and to get active by running and jumping.

According to research, 1 in 4 children are obese by the time they go to primary school and by 5 years of age 1 in 3 children have a considerable amount of tooth decay by eating the wrong food.

Also by age 5 research shows that 1 in 3 children have considerable amount of tooth decay.

In the poster Molly encourages children to drink milk and water and it is up to mum or dad to give a fizzy drink as a treat.

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Molly's Funny Fruit Basket

This poster is about fruit having a discussion about who is the best.

It teaches about Mum and Dad knowing best, teacher knows best and mostly about trying your best.

If you do the best you can, then that is fine you can’t do better than that. It is a fun poster and young children can draw the fruit shapes and colour them in.

It also tells where the fuit comes from and the flag of that country.

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Molly's Favourite Chair

All children love to spend time with Grandma and Grandad. They dont have to hurry the same way, they can relax and play at pretend. 

They like to sit in certain places like, BIG comfy chairs, under a table, on the landing of the stairs, little places for little people. 

These little places can be a castle, boat, house or a rocket ship! Whatever their imagination conjures up.

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Social Media

The previous posters are intended for pre-school, nursery and primary school children.

The Social Media poster is aimed from P4 – Year 8 and tries to warn children to be aware of who they are in contact with, on their computer or mobile device. The person they are talking to may NOT be who the child thinks they are. 

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This poster shows different cultures and children from around the globe.

Molly hopes to encourage respect for each other’s point-of-view.

If children start young, enough to acknowledge different beliefs then hopefully it might just make a difference in years to come.

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Children sometimes stare at things that look different and the reason they do is because they don’t understand why someone maybe sitting in a chair with wheels.

With this poster children can talk about different issues with their parents / guardian and can begin to understand why some children are different from them.

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Molly's Imagination

Molly hopes to develop creative thinking and imagination with a little bit of day-dreaming to be something completely different.

To describe how they would feel if were perhaps a bird, dog, lion or an elephant for a day.

Ultimately although it is fun to pretend to be something else the lesson here is to remember the most important thing is to just be yourself.

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A fun poster with witches, fairies and fancy dress. A time to eat candy apples, marshmallows whilst watching fireworks with Mum, Dad and all the family. 

Molly says be careful around fireworks as even a little sparkler which looks harmless needs to be handled with care.

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At this time of year children get so excited about Santa Claus, reindeers, sleighbells, and lots of presents for them to open.

We know Christmas is not all about Santa but we need to let children enjoy that magic, remember it, and then pass it on to their children.

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